How could I possibly let May 7th pass without making a Captain Swan related blog post? If you’re not on the same level of fangirliness (Is that a word? it is now!…maybe it’s fangirlness? Yes? No? I don’t know, what even is English?) as I am, allow me to explain. Captain Swan is the ship (Totally-professional fangirl term for ‘couple,’ not the water vessel – although the confusion is both understandable and expected) of  dreams…They’re basically the Titanic of all fictional couples for me. Guess that’s not entirely the best analogy since the Titanic sank…what is wrong with me today? *Sigh* Excuse my scattered ramblings…I may have had a cup too much of caffeine. ANYWAY, like I was trying to say – Captain Swan is my favorite fictional couple of all time. And yes, I realize just how big of a deal that is, considering that statement means they surpass any other TV, film, AND literary couple, but it’s true. I could genuinely sit here and bore every single one of you for hours on end about how much I simply adore this duo, but for now, let me get to the point of this post. So, May 7th turns out to be Captain Swan’s wedding anniversary and today, May 7, 2018, makes one year since the happy couple sang their hearts away…quite literally. You’re probably thinking, “You’re really celebrating a fictional couple’s wedding anniversary?” And my answer to that is, how could I not?! In hopes of sharing some of my own love for these two lovebirds and their story on this very special day, here’s a comprehensive list of my absolute favorite Captain Swan moments.



Killian has been admitting his love for Emma since the beginning of time. It’s one of the many things that melt my heart into an absolute puddle regarding their relationship. But this time, it was different. Given the starkness of the situation, Killian confessing this to Emma changed the course of their relationship as a whole. It’s evident that Emma was afraid to ask because, to some extent, I believe she actually still had doubts someone could love her so much, but when Killian came out and said what she always hoped he would, her facial expression gave everything away. She was relieved and touched, and in this precise moment, she knew that this – that Killian – was it for her.



From Emma’s vulnerable peek to Killian’s relieved expression when Emma said the opposite of what he was expecting, everything about this scene makes my heart skip a beat. While watching the show live, I remember being so frustrated by Emma’s constant avoidance. I mean, while it was totally relatable, I was even more irritated than Killian, which is saying a lot considering he was beginning to lose his mind over Emma constantly dodging his every move. Then suddenly, the dam burst, and we got a raw insight into a very sensitive and susceptible place for Emma. I think I can speak for every single one of us, including Killian, when I say we were all relieved that that was the reason Emma was avoiding him, yet it managed to shatter my soul into a million pieces. No exaggeration. Emma’s experienced so much painful loss in her life and every time she begins to think things are changing for the better, the universe somehow finds a way to ruin it once again. It’s no surprise she was so scared of allowing Killian in, but I felt like a proud mom when she was brave enough to admit the reason behind her hesitation. Just like the scene I previously wrote about, this one was yet another major turning point in their relationship. It was, in a way, what steered their love forward.



SPOILER ALERT. Emma and Killian get married! Besides the iconic wedding scene which I’ll write more about a little later on, this scene was my other favorite wedding-related moment. First of all, even though it technically wasn’t Captain Swan, can we please just acknowledge how sweet and heartwarming the little moment between Killian and Henry was? I love their relationship so, so much and that small but substantial moment made my life. There’s really nothing better than some quality future step-dad and step-son bonding. But as far as the actual Emma and Killian interaction in this scene, it was simply just too precious. Their joy was palpable through the screen, so much so that I genuinely cannot watch the scene without smiling like an idiot throughout the entirety of it. You try it and tell me if it’s any different for you. I bet not because it’s impossible to react any other way. Emma, who is already typically very smiley around her pirate, is absolutely radiant in this scene and after everything they’ve been through, it’s such a satisfying sight. Also, can I just add, the look Killian gives Emma towards the end of the scene, which makes her chuckle all while shaking her head in disbelief of her soon-to-be husband’s dorkiness (I’m just making up words left and right in this post, aren’t I?) is, without a doubt, a favorite moment of mine all on its own.



What kind of fan would I be if the epitome of their love story wasn’t one of my favorite scenes? This whole episode was absolutely fantastic. Not only because of the wedding, but also because of the musical. We had been anticipating a musical episode for so long and the fact that they incorporated it into Emma and Killian’s wedding made it all that more special. Their wedding was so magical. From their effortless yet entirely authentic vows to lovingly singing their feelings away, it looked and felt like a dream. Everything Captain Swan had endured, both the good and the bad, was completely worth it to have seen them as happy and fulfilled as they were during this very special moment. I think it’s pretty much every fangirl’s dream to witness their OTP (Yet another totally-professional fangirl term meaning ‘one true love’ aka the couple you root for the most) get married and with Captain Swan, we got that and so much more which I’m eternally grateful for.

“…AND YOU TRUST ME!” // 6×14


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a sucker for well-executed angst. This scene was, well, it was nothing short of painful and a definite tear-jerker. But just like Emma and Killian are a fan of every part of each other, I’m a fan of every part of their relationship – the good, the bad, and the ugly. The Captain Swan fandom has been put through hell and back, literally, so watching it, I knew that this angsty fight wouldn’t face them in any way. Yes, it was yet another hurdle they had to work through, but it made their relationship all that more real. This is yet another reason why I adore Emma and Killian’s dynamic so much. They’re not all rainbows and butterflies. Their relationship has been put through some incredibly strenuous situations and they’ve fought for each other and their love through it all. It was refreshing seeing this side of Emma – the side who knows them and their relationship so deeply and so authentically that she wasn’t going to put up for anything short of the best versions of themselves, especially before taking such an important step in their lives. On top of this, Jennifer Morrison’s acting blew my mind out of the water. She’s usually pretty amazing all around, but there was something about this scene that hit me like no other and I completely applaud her on her impeccable performance.



No matter how much I adore the first proposal, this one upstages it with flying colors. Working out the kinks from the previously discussed fight ended in this very sweet moment. I was so happy that Killian finally got to propose the way he wanted, without fear of disappointing Emma or without anything holding him back from enjoying the moment in its totality. I love his choice of words, especially when he assured Emma that, no matter what, he’ll always be by her side, and I love Emma’s tearful chuckle as a reaction. Then, Emma joining him at eye level before muttering the anticipated response and Killian’s heartfelt and purely sincere smile when he heard it was just enough to send me over the edge on the emotional meter. Everything about this moment is so indescribably tender and everything this couple deserved.



I don’t think people talk about this scene enough. It’s, next to the wedding scene, the embodiment of their entire journey as a couple. One of the most important moments we’ve witnessed time and time again throughout the course of Once Upon a Time is true love couples experiencing their true love realization moments. Now, before Captain Swan, every single one of these moments had been shown through the cliche but very romantic act of a true loves kiss. But for Emma and Killian, it was different. Although considered a bit debatable because some fans believe that them not sharing a true loves kiss means they were deprived of something, I think it’s quite the opposite. Captain Swan’s story is so perfectly unique and special in its own way and they’ve gone on so many thrilling adventures that the typical true loves kiss would be quite a dull experience for their standards. The idea of their love being tested to its extreme is so fascinating and it really is the only thing that makes sense to me, considering that every other aspect of their relationship has also been pushed to its limits. We’ve seen Killian give up his own life to save Emma and her family. In turn, I simply adored the act of sacrifice Emma showed during this scene which ended up seamlessly depicting their unconditional and indestructible love for one another.



Out of this entire list, this has got to be the shortest scene but I love it just as much as all the others. It wasn’t often that we got alone and quiet moments between these two, so I quickly learned to appreciate the ones we did get. Even though this particular moment happened in the midst of an insanely bleak season, it was so tenderhearted that I can’t even think about the scene without feeling my heart double in size. The fact that Emma crossed a very dangerous and narrow bridging over the river of souls without a hint of hesitation is enough to applaud her. I would have been terrified, and I’m sure she was too, but she didn’t care because her sole objective was getting to her true love on the other side. If that’s not the most nail-biting, romantic gesture then I don’t know what is. It was a moment, in between all the spirits and death lords, where Emma and Killian could simply be in each other’s arms and presence without having to worry about anything or anyone else. Along with that also comes the epitome of cute exchanges topped off with an adorable giggle from Emma and a weak but genuine smile from Killian.

STORY TIME // 6×07


Will I ever get over just how gentle Killian is with his Swan? No, most probably not. This is one scene that caught me by surprise because I never expected to love it as much as I do. It’s so simple yet I think that’s exactly why I love it so much. This exact moment is a beautiful testament to just how supporting and encouraging Killian is towards Emma and everything that she is and stands for.



Drum roll, please! I may love every single scene on this list so, so much but the cemetery reunion will forever and always be my absolute weakness. If I’m being honest, I’m not quite sure why I’m such a big fan of this moment, but it makes my stomach do somersaults and my heart leap out of my chest. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that season five was one hell of a rollercoaster ride. There were so many heartbreaking and emotionally exhausting moments, and very few that allowed us any bit of relief. But this one. This one changed the game. I guess part of the reason I love it so much is because, first and foremost, I’m an Emma Swan fan, and seeing her so incredibly happy for once in a long time was more rewarding than I can explain. The cheek kisses along with the intense giggles and pure joy make for one of the most uplifting, lighthearted scenes in the show’s history.

There you have it, my top favorite Captain Swan moments from the first six seasons of Once Upon a Time. Happy anniversary to my favorite couple! Are you also a fan of them? What are your favorite scenes?

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