Seeing as Dressember is rapidly approaching (click here to read my blog post all about the Dressember campaign), I thought it would be beneficial to put together a list of fashion brands that support anti-trafficking efforts. This way fellow Dressember contributors – who are wanting to go beyond participating in the challenge – can have a direct source when considering supporting in a totally accessible and practical way!

UNCVRD+--+Summer+2018-38‘Mini Charm Necklace’ from UNCRVD JEWELRY. By purchasing UNCVRD jewelry, you are making a direct impact in the effort to end human trafficking. 40% of the proceeds from each sale goes directly to their local partners to help fund street outreach, programming for their survivors, preventative measures and more.

When contemplating a massive issue such as human trafficking, it’s easy to fall into the mentality that the problem is far too grand to make a difference as an individual. In reality though, sprinkling little gestures in your every day life and making small differences as an individual are actually the stepping stones towards bigger change. In this case, altering the way you shop to accommodate more brands that fight against human trafficking is a smart and crucial option for making a difference when it comes to helping eradicate modern slavery as a whole.

Although this list was essentially evoked in hopes of furthering encouraging the support for Dressember, shopping from and supporting brands that aid in the fight against human trafficking is a year-round good deed that is actually quite easy to fulfill.


The list below will mainly highlight companies and brands whose work directly affects human trafficking by donating money to anti-trafficking organizations and/or offering labor and opportunities to victims of trafficking and those who are at a higher risk. I also solely focused on brands that exclusively sell fashion pieces as those are what will impact the Dressember challenge the most, but am completely aware that there are numerous other companies who sell non-fashion items whose efforts also have a direct affect on human trafficking; I’m planning to highlight those brands in a separate blog post sometime in the near future.

  1. ADORED BOUTIQUE – Apparel, accessories
  2. ARUNA – Totes, accessories
  3. AWAKEN FAIR TRADE – Apparel, accessories, jewelry
  4. BASHA BOUTIQUE – Accessories
  6. CITIZEN & DARLING – Apparel, accessories
  7. COLLECTIVE HUMANITY – Accessories, jewelry
  8. CROWNED FREE – Apparel, accessories, jewelry
  9. DEAR SURVIVOR – Accessories, jewelry
  10. DESIGNED FOR JOY – Apparel, accessories, jewelry
  11. DESTINY RESCUE – Accessories, jewelry
  12. EDEN MINISTRY – Accessories, jewelry
  13. ELEGANTEES – Apparel
  14. ETERNAL THREADS – Apparel, accessories, jewelry
  15. ETHICGOODS – Totes, jewelry
  16. FASHIONABLE – Apparel, accessories, jewelry, shoes
  17. FREE THE SLAVES – Apparel, accessories
  18. FREEDOM’S PROMISE – Accessories
  19. FREELEAF – Accessories, jewelry
  20. FREESET – Apparel, accessories
  21. GANESH HIMAL TRADING – Apparel, accessories, jewelry
  23. MADE 27 – Apparel, accessories, jewelry
  24. MALIA DESIGNS – Accessories
  25. MATA TRADERS – Apparel, accessories, jewelry
  26. MERCY HOUSE – Apparel, accessories, jewelry
  27. MILK & HONEY MARKET – Accessories, jewelry
  28. MULXIPLY – Jewelry
  29. MY SISTER – Apparel, accessories
  30. NOONDAY COLLECTION – Accessories, jewelry
  31. PURSE & CLUTCH – Accessories
  32. RAHAB’S ROPE – Apparel, accessories, jewelry
  33. RAVEN + LILY – Apparel, accessories, jewelry
  34. RETHREADED – Accessories, jewelry
  35. SAK SAUM – Apparel, accessories
  36. SARI BARI – Accessories
  37. SEVENLY – Apparel
  38. STARFISH PROJECT – Jewelry
  39. SUDARA – Apparel, accessories
  42. THE TOTE PROJECT – Totes
  43. THE SPARROW STUDIO – Accessories, jewelry
  44. THISTLE FARMS – Apparel, accessories, jewelry
  45. TO THE MARKET – Apparel,  accessories, jewelry, shoes
  46. TRACE FASHION – Apparel
  47. TRADES OF HOPE – Accessories, jewelry
  48. UNCVRD JEWELRY – Jewelry
  49. WAR CHEST BOUTIQUE – Accessories, jewelry
  50. WEARBRACHA – Apparel, jewelry
  51. WIPE EVERY TEAR – Apparel

Ethical fashion has become more and more versatile lately, with their options for practical items skyrocketing. The Dressember challenge this December is a great way to start introducing more ethical brands into your wardrobe and my hope with this blog post is to make that as easy as possible for you!

If you know of any other brands I missed that are fighting human trafficking, let me know and I’ll add them to the list for everyone to have access.

Here’s to change.

Here’s to healing.

Here’s to making a difference one ethical purchase at a time!


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